Burglary, Anti-Intrusion Alarms

Alarm and automation systems
for homes and companies.

Thanks to their numerous applications, alarm and automation systems are essential for homes and companies to ensure proper protection and property management. In recent years, infractions and burglaries have increased, even in areas where crime incidence has always been low.

We, at Gruppo Sicurezza, are committed to developing alarm systems capable of effectively protecting against intrusions and providing, prompt intervention, when necessary. We also strive to ensure that our clients have total control over their security and the management of their spaces, in all situations, even remotely.

The added value of our alarm systems is that they also function as domotic automation systems, allowing you to turn your building into a smart property.


More than an alarm,
it's a domotic control centre.

Innovation and User-Friendliness.

To be truly safe, it isn’t enough just to “feel secure”. You must have autonomous control over your own security, easily and remotely. Our technological platforms are perfectly suited to all needs and installation types. Our systems can be entirely customized, for centralized control paired with all other security systems. Using a single app, you can access real time control to automate lighting, thermostats, irrigation systems and much more (including integration with virtual assistants, such as Google Home and Alexa).

At ease and always connected.

For security that is more than complete, our alarm systems can be connected to Satel Operating Centre. Our professionals are ready to intervene immediately in case of any danger. From extinguishing fires to prompt emergency response, our alarm and automation systems guarantee your serenity, at all times.

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