Gruppo Sicurezza

We are passionate
about security.

Gruppo Sicurezza is a company that relies on the competence, passion, and experience of more than 145 experts who employ the most advance technologies to offer total control over public and private security. Since 1980, our passion for security provides our customers with customized, flexible solutions for products and services, and pushes us to earn increasingly important achievements.

Today, we are the leaders in the Southern Switzerland.


Not just a company,
but a family.

A mission of responsibility.

We started out as a family business, and as such we care about the wellbeing and health of the human capital our group relies on, as well as the relationship we’ve established with them and with our customers and we value the planet to a degree that goes well beyond our activities. We believe that doing business today must involve growing in an ethical and sustainable manner that is respectful of our territory, the world, and the lives of the people within and outside the company.

We are a part of the history of Canton Ticino and Switzerland. We stand for competence and passion, but above all we are mindful people. We believe our greatest value lies in our mission of responsibility.

Feel Secure.

Life on our planet is increasingly complex and marked by conflict. For us, at Gruppo Sicurezza, the freedom to feel secure is both a right and a value in which we believe strongly. With us, private individuals and companies can focus on their life and work. Your serenity is our passion.

Gruppo Sicurezza SA: Certifications


  • Gruppo sicurezza was founded, designing and installing alarm systems.
  • Acquisition of two companies in the field, increasing clientele and offerings.
  • Acquisition of Satel Control SA, active in satellite protection and localization.
  • Obtained ISO 9001 Certification.
  • Investiment in the Arab Emirates market.
  • Founding of Gruppo Sicurezza Servizi.
  • Design and implementation of security systems for 146 banks in Angola.
  • Obtained EN 15838 Certification (Quality control systems for customer contact centres).
  • Acquisition of Galli Sicurezza SA. Offerings broadened to include mechanical security.
  • Founding of Gruppo Sicurezza Cyber, information security.
  • 2018 icon
    Obtained ISO 27001 Certification.
  • future icon
    New Galli Sicurezza Showroom located in the centre of Lugano.
    The company headquarters moved to Bironico.
  • 2020 icon
    Gruppo Sicurezza celebrates its first 40 years.
    The pandemic changes the needs and drives the development of new services for entrance control.
  • 2021 icon
    Attention to the individual and their needs at the center of the new code of ethics of Gruppo Sicurezza.
  • 2022 icon
    Strong push towards the spread of new digital technologies for smart locks and alarm systems.
  • 2023 icon
    The "Idee che valgono" project kicks off: Gruppo Sicurezza's commitment to the community.
    The cybersecurity podcast launches.